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Professional commercial photoshoot

High-quality images – that’s what you need to make advertising unique, vibrant and memorable, and your business credible

Professional commercial photoshoot

High-quality images – that’s what you need to make advertising unique, vibrant and memorable, and your business credible

Advertising photography

These are not just “beautiful pictures” on your website, magazine or catalog. They must solve the main task – to increase sales.
As studies have shown, 87.7% of site visitors decide to buy a product due to its attractive visual design. During the study, when showing 2 photos of different quality, the respondents chose a product that was designed more beautifully. Neither the price nor the quality characteristics of the product influenced the choice.

Professional Portfolio Boosts Your Sales

A person perceives 90% of information through sight. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. High-quality and “live” photos increase the trust of potential customers. And, as a result, their response to your proposal. Therefore, the customer makes a purchase decision, primarily considering the product.

High-quality promotional photos:

Boost website sales and conversions

Help customer review and select product

Speed up your purchase or call decision

Allow to evaluate the quality of goods and services

Strengthen the image of the company

Improve site search, promote it in the TOP

Inspire the trust of customers, partners, investors

Commercial Photographers in Toronto and GTA

At PRO Studio, we work with Toronto professional commercial photographers and offer high-quality commercial photography of the following types:


Shooting of commercial and office premises, as well as social facilities with an emphasis on architectural solutions, lighting, landscape. Such photos will convey all the severity and perfection of forms in the highest resolution up to 64 megapixels


Shooting real estate for sale, including private homes and commercial properties. Unique methods of shooting HDR, followed by superimposing several frames of different levels of illumination to work out all the smallest details in combination with professional wide-angle lenses and post-processing, will make your subject attractive, spacious, filled with light and distinguish it from competing offers


It’s no secret that good portrait photography plays a key role in deciding whether to work with you. A high-quality business portrait is simply necessary in such specialties as a real estate agent, insurance, lawyer or private doctor. We pay special attention to the quality of light in such photographs, so we use professional-quality studio lighting that we will bring to your office


For restaurants and catering services, we are ready to take photos of dishes of professional quality and, if necessary, develop a menu design. Particular attention will be paid to the texture and attractiveness of the dish, and if necessary we will do studio shooting with the help of a food stylist


Do you have an online store or want to sell products on eBay, Amazon or Wayfair? We will prepare excellent pictures of your product by shooting from the best angles and correct all visible defects. If necessary, we will organize a staged shooting of the product in the interiors and in the process of use

Why choose us:

The high level of professionalism of our photographers allows us to conduct high-quality photography of objects of any complexity

Using top-end photo equipment guarantees high quality, which means you can use photos in large format advertising

The presence of professional studio lighting for outdoor portrait photoshoots

High-quality retouching and post-processing significantly improves the perception of the picture by your client

Working with a web designer to optimize images for a website without losing quality

Have questions? Get a free quote for your project

Have questions? Get a free quote for your project